The Most Amazing Brain Malfunction

Nothing can be taken for granted in addition to sanity. It ‘crazy’ could have occurred because of a malfunction of the brain. You may not recognize those around him or inanimate seemed chimed.

The Most Amazing Brain Malfunction

After pave, it turns out there is a mental disorder that can disrupt the perception of reality in unimaginable ways while often let your mind remain untouched. The following abnormalities that will surprise you.

Syndrome Fregoli

Imagine you are arguing with roommates that sucks about the rent unpaid. To release the pressure, but when you call a girlfriend calls you hear your girlfriend’s roommate call ‘dear’. When out of the room, roommate you scoff from the neighbor’s yard.

Because of anger, went to a local bar for a drink and poured it turns out that your roommate. At 10 minutes later, you find yourself caught annoying roommate.

Condition, syndrome Fregoli make everyone you meet that day to be the same. This disorder appears in different severity levels. Sometimes, people do not know exactly who was watching him, but everyone seemed familiar.

It feels like waking up in a city filled with high school friend who rarely talk to. People with this syndrome will toward everyone and asked where they first met. In addition, if the syndrome is another disorder combined, the results can be surprising.

For example, women diagnosed with schizophrenia and erotomania, beliefs people loved him when instead. This woman will be sure, actor Leonardo DiCaprio in love with him and communicate with him telepathically and always in disguise to see him every day.

Misidentification themselves in the mirror

You woke up in the middle of the night and go to the bathroom. When not see the glass, you find the shadow of other people in it.

Condition, people with this disorder have damaged part of the brain responsible to understand the workings of reflection. So, when they saw the glass, the brain says you’re looking at a stranger through the window. This disorder occurring most commonly in Alzheimer’s patients. In fact, these people will try to talk with reflection.

Visual Agnosia

When going to the grocery store, you realize there is nothing strange. All products can scream and fight to be included when the shopping cart. Worse, when at the cashier, ask your potted plants will pay cash or not.

Condition, Visual agnosia is caused dysfunction of some visual processing areas of the brain. As a result, you can not correctly identify the goods. Fortunately, this is only a visual disorder. Patients still have the ability to identify objects using other senses.


While enjoying a coffee in the morning, your nose itch and suddenly someone scratched him. Then, this person to drink coffee there on you. You also begin to ask who this person when you live alone. Then you realize the other hand is doing all this.

Condition, this patient suffered brain damage at the homunculus or ‘body map’. This part of the brain that is cataloging all parts of the body and makes you know where all the parts of your body.

In some cases, the experience of having other people’s body parts is very pressing. In fact, people will try to cut off parts of the body. In 1997, a man came surgeon Robert Smith asked him to amputate his left leg.


Imagine you run accident and hospitalized . You know it’s okay, but doctors are always prescribing. When the doctor asks to move your feet and you feel it in motion, even the doctor says you can not walk anymore lifetime.

Condition, the disorder is a delusion suffered paralytic who was not paralyzed. According to the study, more than half of patients with hemiplegia (paralyzed from a stroke) suffer from this disorder. We’re not discussing people who are in denial became paralyzed.

Patients experiencing damage Parietal cortex, a brain area responsible for maintaining consciousness in perception, movement and sensation of the body. Patients with this disorder could not move his limbs but not because he can not because it did not want to.


Exterminator beverages Toxins in the Body

Consuming fresh vegetable and fruit juice is a natural way to detox your body processes. But it turned aside derived from food intake, toxins in our body it can also ter-detoxifying drink. There are at least 5 drinks which experts say is very good for the health of the body and Helpful as Drink antidote in our body.

Exterminator beverages Toxins in the Body

Here are 5 drinks to eradicate the poison in the body:

1. Water

Dr Poonam Rathod, health experts, say, water consumption on a regular basis according to the needs of the body to cleanse the digestive system, and eliminate toxins and remnants of food stuck in the intestines. It keeps the body and stomach clean of food waste.

2. Fresh Coconut Water

Fresh coconut water (especially the young coconut water) is proven to detoxify the body naturally. Besides cleaning the digestive tract. Drinking coconut water will boost immunity and helpful keep your body well hydrated.

3. Pumpkin juice

Pumpkin juice is an excellent natural remedy for those suffering from digestive problems and acidity. “This is because of its alkaline properties. Fiber in the bottle gourd juice also heal digestive problems, “says Dr Rathod.

4. Green Tea

Green tea is a natural antioxidant. It contains Polyphenols that help regulate glucose in the blood. “The Polyphenols inhibit the movement of glucose into fat cells, thus preventing them from entering the bloodstream,” says Dr Rathod.

4 Aspects of Human Health

1. Physical Health

Physical health is achieved if a person does not feel and complain of pain or the absence of complaints and indeed objectively does not look sick. All organs functioning normally or not impaired.

2. Mental health

Mental health or mental health includes three components, namely mind, emotional, and spiritual. Common sense is reflected in the way of thinking or way of thinking. Healthy emotional reflected a person’s ability to express emotions such as fear, joy, worry, sadness, and so on. Healthy spiritual reflected in the way of someone expressing gratitude, praise, trust and so on to something beyond this mortal realm. the Almighty God (Allah in the Islamic religion) For example: a healthy spiritual can be seen from a person’s religious practices. In other words. Healthy Spirituality is a state where a person to worship and all the rules of his religion.

3. Social Health

Social health materialize, if someone is able to relate to other people or other groups as well. Regardless of race, ethnicity, religion or belief, social status, economic, political, and so forth. as well as tolerance and mutual respect.

4. Health Economics

Healthy when viewed from the economic aspect visible when a person (adult) productive, in the sense of having activities that produce something that can contribute to his own life or his family financially. For those who are not yet adults (students or students) and the elderly (retired), by itself this restriction does not apply.

Therefore, for these groups, which are socially productive force, which has useful activities for their lives later on, for example, for students or student achievement, and social activities, religious, or other social services for the elderly.

Vitamins For A Healthy Heart


As we all know, vitamins are very important when it comes to keeping your heart healthy. You need to eat the right foods of course, though you also need a supplement of food you eat with the necessary vitamins your body to stay in shape and keep your heart healthy in order to continue to work with for a long time. If you do not consume the right nutrients, you will not feel a healthy heart and may end up having problems later on.

The first vitamin that comes to mind for most people is vitamin E, vitamin that is essential to improving the overall health of your heart. When taken correctly, vitamin E will stop cholesterol in the body from harming the arteries surrounding the heart. When to Oxidize cholesterol, when he began to stick to the sides of the arteries and can lead to blockages that can cause heart attacks or other serious problems with the heart.

Vitamin E is easily obtained from oily parts of food ingredients or vegetables. Vitamin E is found in many fruits, milk, butter, eggs, vegetables, especially sprouts. Examples of vegetables that most contain vitamin E are wheat germ oil, soybean oil, corn oil, alfalfa, lettuce, beans, asparagus, banana, strawberry, sunflower seeds, beans, sweet potatoes and green vegetables. Vitamin E is abundant in fresh unprocessed foods. One unit is equivalent to 1 mg of alpha-tocopherol acetate or can be considered equivalent to 1 mg

To help you keep your heart in order to stay healthy, most doctors recommend that you take additional supplements that contain vitamin E. They may also suggest that you eat foods that are naturally rich in vitamin E, such as nuts. Nuts have high amounts of vitamin E, and most of them taste great. You can find other foods that contain vitamin E as well, although nuts have the highest amount.

In the past, studies have shown Vitamin E to help those who have suffered the wrath of a heart attack. These vitamins help prevent heart attacks in the future by opening the artery and remove blockages. Those who have had a heart attack in the past are always encouraged to add more vitamin E to process their diet.

Many are not aware of, the fact that you can use vitamin C to enhance the effects of vitamin E. Vitamin C is known as an antioxidant, which prevents the damaging effects that cholesterol has on the body. Along with preventing cholesterol from damaging the body, vitamin C also helps vitamin E with the functions – such as protecting the arteries and heart.

By taking both vitamin C and E as a combination, you will be well on your way to a healthy heart. Overall, this is the easiest way you can make sure you do not damage your heart, especially if you have had a heart attack in the past. If you have a history of heart disease or heart problems in your family, these vitamins are essential to your diet. Even if you just worry about your heart health, this vitamin will give you peace of mind in knowing that you are eating for a healthy heart.

4 Ways to Maintain Healthy Body Daily

How to Maintain Healthy body very much at all, ranging from the natural way or by modern methods using sophisticated technology tools. Indeed, health is expensive, many people are willing to spend money to have a healthy body or want to recover from the disease in order to get back healthy. However, many of those who do not know that there are natural ways to still be able to have a healthy body. Of course, with how to live a healthy lifestyle and natural, unfortunately, many people are now just live a less healthy lives.

How To Maintain Your Health Naturally

Many of our daily activities without us knowing is an activity that has benefits for health. For example with the activity pattern of good sleep, a good diet and a good daily pattern. It if really carried out ensures our bodies stay healthy and avoid disease. How to maintain the health of this kind do not even need to spend a lot of money to stay healthy than in a modern way and instant. The natural way also can be a way to maintain the health of the body from the lungs, heart, eyes, and others. As for the ways that can be done in the following way:

1. Exercise Routine

Many consider it an exhausting sport and make the body so tired, for example sports running in the morning. Though sports activities should not be done in a way that melt activities, what more if you include people who rarely exercise. You can do health care tips with a light movement in the morning, gymnastics or a leisurely stroll in the morning. 1000 steps per day is very much beneficial for health. How to maintain good health with regular exercise can help burn calories and fat needed by the body. Additionally, if you regularly exercise will also have an ideal body as fat deposits in the body can be reduced when there is burning calories.

2. Eat regularly and drink water

Sometimes people who have cool with daily work until miss their meals, they become irregular in mealtime. So diet-0rubah change frequently and some even skip a meal. Whereas to control health with regular diet is very important. People suffering from ulcer disease is often caused by irregular eating patterns. In addition, the diet consumed daily also have to meet the standards of healthy nutrition and complete. Reduce the type of diet heavy or fatty foods and avoid foods instant, because many of the chemicals that are not good for the body both short term and long term.

Consumption of water in everyday life is also very important for the body, in a day when activity our body needs fluids. Kidney needs fluids when working toxins and active compound to be converted into useful substances for our body. When the body is less fluid, the kidneys become severe. The body easily tired and distracted, that’s the way to protect our health should not underestimate water. Drink approximately 8 cups or at least 1 liter per day according to the needs of fluids in our body. The white water can also be a way to eliminate acne naturally.

3. Consuming Herbal Medicine

Never use drugs using artificial chemicals, it is better to use traditional methods or herbal remedies. Lots of natural ingredients that are useful to maintain health and treat when we are ill. For example is honey, natural essences of these bees have 1000 health benefits to how to keep the body everyday. Take 1 tablespoon of honey every day then you will feel properties, ranging from benefits for respiratory health, anti-cancer, lowering cholesterol and other benefits. Drink honey regularly with the body also becomes fit and avoid the types of viruses that often attack our immune system.

4. Living a Healthy Lifestyle

Today lifestyle, especially among teenagers showed many unhealthy way of life. Smoking, alcohol and even drugs already undermined young people in our society. Though it was very clear the dangers of smoking for health, alcohol and drug use will lead to addiction, disease and death. How to maintain good health with a healthy lifestyle greatly affects our future and our old age. Drug addicts and alcohol and cigarettes can be sure he was shorter and prone to diseases than people who live a healthy life without drugs and alcohol. This is the challenge of how to keep young people in reproductive health, maintain healthy relationships and hold fast to the teachings of religion.

5 Habits of Health Destroyer singer you do every Day

In carrying out daily activities, of course you have the habit. Whether it is good or bad. Sometimes without you knowing it, you often destructive habits health of the body operate slowly.

Any habit health destroyer that you do every day without you knowing?

Lack of drinking water

Water plays an important role in health. Water makes all the organs function properly. Water was also able to balance fluids in the body that helps to support the circulation, maintain digestive health, maintaining body temperature, and rejuvenate the skin and hair. That is why you are advised to drink water diligently every day.

Unfortunately, because of busy or you do not like the taste of drinking water is tasteless, you so rarely take a long time can damage the health of your body.


Using a smartphone all day

The use of smartphones can not be separated from everyday human life. Starting from waking up to going to bed, you can not be separated from the smartphone. This of course would be detrimental to the health of the body, damaging posture, to cause cancer due to radiation emitted by mobile phones




Snacking is fun. Moreover, if it feels good snack menu. But you must be careful with this habit because excessive snacking will make you obese


Sleep late

Sleep always keep the human body healthy. Unfortunately, due to solid activity you so ignore your bedtime. Various diseases began to arrive. So that you avoid the disease that might occur, you should begin to arrange your schedule so that you always sleep on time.


Sports only on weekends

Some people just do sports on weekends. It sounds tolerable than no exercise at all. But for those of you who work during the day, where you are so vulnerable to stress, therefore, always a time to exercise at least 2-3 times each week.

Those are some habits that can damage the health of the body slowly. You yourself feel often do one of them? Should immediately stop so that your body is always healthy

Healthy lifestyles

1. Try to get used enough sleep patterns. For adults would sleep for 6 to 8 hours is sufficient time to be able to rest well and healthy. Therefore, do not be lack of sleep because it can affect your concentration but also not too much sleep because it will interfere with your activities later period.

2. Try to keep thinking positive because doing so will reduce your stress level. do you know if you are experiencing stress your body will strive to follow your thought patterns. such as for example someone appetite grew when he stressed. Therefore, it is important for you to stay positive.

3. Perform regular exercise. Sports not only by visiting the fitness facilities or may be run in the morning. You can use a variety of sports that you want. For example, you can perform three times a week swimming or can also do stretching and slight movements that you can do at home. That way, at least you move the muscles of your body.

4. Keep your diet. By keeping the diet certainly be one good thing for you. not only make your body stay fit and trim, but keep your body dangerous disease caused by several foods that contain a lot of harmful substances and lead to obesity. Therefore, it is important to keep eating their 4 healthy 5 perfect.

5. Continue taking your multivitamin that fits your taste. of all the activities of the above, of course, you have to stay awake condition intake of vitamins. Therefore, apart from fruits and vegetables is important and it is also necessary for your body to be intake of vitamin derived from a multivitamin that has been provided by several companies vitamins.


Health is a common condition that is stable or in the coordinate system of the body and mind of man or other living creatures on the normal average. In connection with the health agencies often dubbed as the physical fitness that is, if the coordination of the organs of the human body or other living things in a state of stable or normal. While the spiritual health of a mental health or human beings who have the intellect and mind, if a person has a coordination of mind and a calm heart as well as comfortable at the time.

  •  of sound mind

Healthy body is a major component in the sense of totally healthy, shaped human figures who look clean skin, eyes glowing, hair neatly combed, dress neatly, muscular, not fat, breath odor, taste eating well, sleeping well, nimble as well as all the benefits of physiology normal road.

  • mentally healthy

    Mental healthy and physically healthy is always associated both in the old saying Men Sana In Corpore Sano means healthy soul in a healthy body there. Attributes someone beings who have mental health are as follows:

  • Always Feel Happy

Always feel happy with what is on he his, no time to regret and sorry for himself, always happy, enjoy and exciting and there’s no signal pins psychological conflict. Gets along well and can accept criticism and not easily offended and furious, always understanding and tolerance of other people’s emotions purposes.

  • Self control

    Able to control yourself and not easy emotion and not easily scared, jealousy, dislike and face as well as to finalize the issue by way of clever and wise.

  • Social welfare

Limitation of social welfare in each area or country difficult to measure and is totally dependent on the culture, the culture and the level of prosperity of the local population. In a more intrinsic meaning, namely social welfare life situations shaped secure feeling of peace and prosperity, adequate food, clothing and boards. In the life of a prosperous population, the population of regular life and to always respect the needs of others and the general population.

  • healthy Spiritual

Spiritual is a healthy component of additions to the definition by the WHO as well as having major significance in the daily lives of residents. Each individual takes formal or informal education, opportunities for leisure, hear the strains of the song as well as music, spiritual spray as well as other religious speech that lasted for a dynamic life balance is not monotonous. WHO is an organization in the field of health, who was born in 1948, finally emerged the definition of health as “a state of complete physical, mental and social well being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”.