Benefits and Benefits of Broccoli for Body Health

Broccoli is a vegetable that has a physical shape like a flower. The tops that bloom like flowers have a dark green colour. How to consume these vegetables can be cooked first or raw. Broccoli is rich in vitamins and minerals that are very good for our health. The benefits of broccoli for the health of our bodies very much.

In some scientific studies, scientists have found that raw broccoli is richer in sulforaphane compared to cooked broccoli. The body converts vitamin C as a fiber so turns broccoli into sulforaphane that will help fight cancer. Although consuming raw broccoli has a greater benefit, but consuming cooked broccoli would still be rich with various vitamins and minerals. The content helps our body in protecting from various diseases. Here is the content and benefits of broccoli :

Broccoli In Each 91.00 gram

Nutrition                        Amount
Calcium                              42.77 mg
Choline                               17.02 mg
Fiber                                       2.37 g
Folate                                  57.33 mcg
Iron                                          0.66 mg
Magnesium                       19.11 mg
Manganese                         0.19 mg
Molybdenum                      4.55 mcg
Phosphorus                     60.06 mg
Potassium                       287.56 mg
Protein                                    2.57 g
Selenium                                2.27 mcg
Tryptophan                           0.03 g
Vitamin A                         566.93 IU
Vitamin B1                             0.06 mg
Vitamin B2                             0.11 mg
Vitamin B3                            0.58 mg
Vitamin B5                            0.52 mg
Vitamin B6                            0.16 mg
Vitamin C                             81.17 mg
Vitamin E                                0.71 mg
Vitamin K                             92.46 mcg

Here are some of the benefits of broccoli for the health of the body :

1.  Lowers cholesterol

The best way to lower cholesterol with broccoli is by steaming it. Broccoli is steamed more effectively to lower cholesterol.

2.  Removing Toxins

As we know, the toxins that lodge in the cells of our body must be removed from the body. In this case broccoli acts as a detox in the body.

3.  Rich Will Vitamin D

Broccoli is very beneficial for a body that is deficient in vitamin D.

4.  As Anti-Inflammatory

The next benefit of broccoli that is not less important is as an anti-inflammatory.

When your body starts detecting dangerous levels of toxins, your inflammatory response system will fight to help protect you from damage. However, sometimes the body can not properly regulate when to close this system, which can cause serious health risks such as cancer.

Through the intake of ICT found in broccoli, the inflammatory signal system itself can be regulated and limited from overproduction.

The lack of omega-3 fatty acids in your diet can also contribute to excessive inflammatory responses. Many body molecules are responsible for regulating the inflammatory response made from omega-3s.

This is just one of the reasons why omega-3 fatty acids are so important, and most vegetables including broccoli are a good source of omega-3 fatty acids that you should include in your diet.

5.  As an Antioxidant

Among all types of vegetables that we often consume, broccoli is the best vegetable as an antioxidant. Broccoli has a large amount of flavonoids that act as antioxidants.

6.  Broccoli As Cancer Prevention

Antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, and detoxification in broccoli make this vegetable as a preventive cancer. After investigation, some cancer diseases that are reduced after consuming broccoli include prostate cancer, colon cancer, breast cancer, bladder cancer, and ovarian cancer as well. But do not close the possibility for other types of cancer can also be reduced by eating broccoli.

7.  Good for the Nervous System

Clinical studies have proven that broccoli can help develop a stronger central nervous system. Even broccoli helps to prevent damage to the central nervous system known as Parkinson’s disease.

8.  Good for Bone Health

Broccoli is rich in calcium and vitamin K, which is essential for bone health and protection against brittle bones. Studies have shown that broccoli is richer in calcium than most dairy products.

9.  Good for the Digestive System

Broccoli is rich in fiber that is very good at helping digestion, stopping constipation, and helps lower blood sugar. With fiber that is in broccoli can help overcome various kinds of stomach problems especially constipation. Because constipation is the root of almost all stomach problems.

10.  Good for Eye Health

Research shows that carotenoid lutein helps in preventing age-related eye damage problems as well as cataracts. In addition, broccoli is a vegetable rich in vitamin A that is necessary to maintain the retina.

11.  Good for Heart

With potassium present in broccoli, it is good to control blood pressure. Controlling high blood pressure, preventing coronary artery disease, heart attack, and heart stroke.

12.  Good for Pregnant Mom

Pregnant? It is highly recommended to consume broccoli. Broccoli contains folic acid is very necessary pregnant women. Lack of folic acid will lead to various problems in the baby’s birth.

13.  Preventing Diabetes

An investigation guided by Paul Thornalley published in the journal “Diabetes” in 2008 found that sulforaphanes in broccoli can stimulate protecting enzymes to reduce various cellular damage.

14.  Anemia

Anemia is directly related to iron deficiency and certain proteins. Broccoli is full of both these substances and is therefore good for preventing and treating anemia.

So many benefits of broccoli that we can take. Do not forget to share to your friends yes. Hopefully this article useful.

7 Benefits of Coffee for Skin

About 10 of 8 adults very fond of drinking coffee. Coffee is a beverage derived from the seeds of coffee cherries that have been mashed. There are many types of coffee, from coffee Robusta, Kopi Luwak and others. Besides useful as relievers drinks drowsiness and body warmers drinks, coffee also has other benefits for skin health and beauty.

The benefits for the face has also been shown, as there are several spas and salons skin-care use coffee to a face mask. The benefits offered by the coffee to the skin are as follows:

7 Benefits of Coffee for Skin

1.  Troubleshooting Acne

Coffee grounds can be used as a facial scrub to overcome the problem of how to make acne pimples to dry faster, so avoid the problem of inflammatory acne.

2.  Eliminate Blackheads

In addition to acne, problems often stop by on the skin is blackheads. Blackheads occur because the face has the content of excess oil, oily face serve as a suitable place for blackheads. To overcome the problem of blackheads, can be done by using a mask coffee grounds regularly.

3.  Disguise Dark Spot Acne Scars

Both ground coffee or coffee grounds, when applied to the face of each have the ability to black blemishes acne scars and black spots. This is because coffee has the ability to remove dead skin cells.

4.  Skin Lightening Face

Inside there are coffee contains antioxidants which serves to remove dead skin cells that accumulate from free radicals. Thus, the face will look brighter and free from dullness.

5.  Controlling Oil Content Overload

The next coffee benefits which, when used as a face mask on a regular basis to control the content of excess oil on the face so that the face look more clean, free flash and avoid acne.

6.  Shrink the pores Skin

If used as a face mask on a regular basis, coffee can shrink the pores so that it can make the skin free from acne and blackheads. Keep in mind, one of the causes of the growth of acne and blackheads on the skin caused by pores clogged by dirt and excessive fat excretion.

7.  Moisturize and Smooth Skin

Coffee is used as a face mask and a natural facial scrub regularly can make your skin moist and smooth.

Ways of making a mask of coffee was easy to do, how to simply use pulp pure coffee or coffee grounds are not mixed with sugar, then apply on face as a mask, do a massage or rub it gently on your face, leave about 20-25 minutes, then rinse with soap face and clean water. Coffee mask can also be made by mixing the pure coffee grounds with honey, egg white or olive oil.

To obtain maximum results, use a face mask or facial scrub regularly, up to 2-3 times a week. Make sure also that have used original and pure coffee, that coffee grounds are not mixed with any material. Because, to minimize production costs there are several manufacturers that combine other ingredients such as corn powder into the coffee products they make.

Tips to ensure the security and authenticity of the coffee, you should buy roasted coffee beans and then the one’s own or cooking with a wok clay without using oil. Then, puree the beans that have been roasted them. If you already know the process of making coffee powder, readers can know the security and authenticity of the materials to be used for facial skin. This is because the face is a valuable asset that should not be arbitrary in selecting natural materials, beauty products and cosmetics which will be used.

What the Benefits of Giving Coffee for tea?

Besides water, coffee and tea may be the two most commonly consumed beverage in the world, and both have a deep tradition in many countries. United States is a country that is arguably more of a coffee drinking nation for most of the 20th century, but now there are many other delicious selections that most of the mainstream, including green tea. The main benefit to switch from coffee to green tea associated with caffeine content, acidity and antioxidants.

Less Caffeine

One of the main reasons why people are so habit with coffee and tea they drink is the addictive nature of caffeine. Caffeine does not really increase energy despite adding sugar or milk to drink can, but do not increase brain activity by causing more neurons fire.The result is higher cognition and a greater degree of alertness. The down side is that caffeine is addictive and can lead to headaches, restlessness, anxiety and insomnia. According to the Mayo Clinic, so 500 milligrams per day is typically considered the maximum amount that adults should consume. Caffeine in coffee varies widely, but a typical brewed 8-ounce cup can contain up to 200 milligrams. In contrast, the same amount of green tea usually contains less than 40 milligrams of caffeine. Green tea also contains L-theanine, an amino acid that seems to reduce some of the negative effects of caffeine.

Less Acidity

While the caffeine in coffee can make you feel uneasy, a relatively high level of acidity which can cause abdominal pain and headache. Coffee contains a variety of acid and bitter compounds, such as chlorogenic acid, aliphatic acids and tannins. The pH level of the coffee float pH value of about 5 lower than the acid while green tea typically have a pH greater than 7, which means it is alkaline. In addition to acidity, there are other compounds in coffee that can cause gastrointestinal irritation and loose bowels. While not everyone reacts positively to green tea, alkaline beverages are usually easier on the stomach compared to acidic ones such as coffee.

More Antioxidants

Both coffee beans and tea leaves contain antioxidants that are beneficial, but most varieties of green tea contains more antioxidants than coffee powder. Antioxidants are essential for heart health because they destroy harmful free radicals and protect tissues, including blood vessels. The most potent antioxidant in green tea called EGCG, which is a type of polyphenol which can also protect against some types of cancer, according to The Huffington Post.

Other Benefits

There are many other benefits associated with giving up coffee for green tea, including fresh breath, increased metabolic rate, increases fat burning, immune driven, improve memory, blood flow better into the brain, reducing the risk of various diseases and less pain from inflammatory conditions such as arthritis.



Benefits of Drinking Water Warm Health For Human Body

Drinking plenty of water and regularly can keep the immune system and can also be used as a skin treatment. But other than that of drinking water, especially drinking warm water can also provide some excellent benefits for the body. Drinking warm water is one that can be used to warm the body. Not only that Benefits of Drinking Water Warm even very beneficial for health.

Benefits of Drinking Water Warm The Very Helpful

Much is made of warm water, you can make coffee, milk, tea, and others. Of course all the ingredients are added to the warm water will also provide its own benefits according to what ingredients are added.

But, without any additional material or simply with warm water, can still give you the benefit that is extraordinary. Benefits of the warm water can also be felt when you drink warm water regularly.

Drinking warm water can provide benefits that are beneficial to health. The benefits of drinking warm water can be used to heal and also keeping from various diseases. Be it a disease with a high risk or a disease that can be found everyday.

The benefits of drinking warm water not only to warm cold when the rainy season or during the winter, but of course you can use to cure colds and coughs are usually often attack your body at all times. Another thing from a warm drink can also help you to lose weight in order to achieve the minimum weight.

In addition to the warm drinking water is beneficial to stimulate your bowel movements. When you drink in the morning can make your bowel movements more smoothly so as to make digestion more smoothly.

So warm water can also help you when you are affected by constipation. Benefits of the warm water is also considered very beneficial to cleanse the toxins in your body that makes you healthier. So by constantly consume warm water every morning can make you healthier.

Benefits of Papaya Leaf Way For Our Health

You must already be familiar with papaya. Arguably, papaya is a tropical plant that grows in Indonesia. You can find papaya plants everywhere.

Papaya is a fruit and plants are versatile and can be eaten either cooked or raw. In addition, the plant is pulled, not only the fruit that can be eaten, but the leaves and roots can you consume.

During this papaya, good fruit, testicles and leaves may only be used as a food ingredient, whereas papaya also has many benefits as a drug to ward off several diseases.

Well, here are other benefits of papaya leaves is believed to cure some diseases. Among them:

1. Cancer

The disease is a serious threat and very scary today. People with cancer growing in the world, including in Indonesia. Data WHO says cancer patients increases every year 6.25 million people. Furthermore, an estimated 9 million people will die of cancer within the next 10 years.

To avoid the danger of cancer, start a healthy lifestyle and eat vegetables, especially papaya. Because the leaves of papaya are made into tea drinks proved to be very effective for the prevention and treatment of cancer.

A study published in the February 2010 issue of the Journal of Ethnopharmacology say that papaya leaf tea can reduce inflammation and can activate the immune system against cancer cells, inhibits the growth of tumor cells, as well as modulate the anti-tumor effect.

Besides being able to prevent cancer, papaya leaf tea can prevent a variety of diseases including allergies.

2. Ulcer

The disease is arguably the typical diseases of modern man. Imagine, a solid rushing and irregular eating patterns, making us more susceptible to ulcers.

Thus, to prevent the invasion of ulcers, multiply the consumption of papaya leaves. Bitter leaf is according to a study published West Indian Medical Journal in September 2008, can reduce the severity of ulcers (peptic ulcers) and antioxidant effects.

Papaya leaf extract can lower the lipids being oxidized and increasing antioxidants in red blood cells.

3. Digestion

Constipation or constipation? Eat papaya. The enzyme papain found in papaya leaves can help aid digestion and treat indigestion.

Not only that, papaya leaf tea can reduce abdominal pain which causes discomfort and appetite enhancer.

4. Antioxidants

Free radicals, like smoke from a motor vehicle exhaust, dust, and so are the enemies of a healthy body and skin beauty. But still, you can combat that with papaya leaves.

A study showed that papaya leaves can reduce hydrogen peroxide which is a sign of oxidative damage.

In the study of Asian Pacific Journal of Tropical Biomedicine in June 2012 said that papaya leaf tea contains ascorbic acid which is one of the antioxidants.

Antioxidants are allegedly can counteract free radicals that can cause damage to the person’s body.

However, in addition to the benefits, there are also negative effects of papaya leaves. You need to know, for some people, papaya leaves can cause allergic reactions. So, if there are signs of allergy after eating papaya leaves, then discontinue use

In addition, if you are suffering from cancer or other serious illnesses, it is better to consult a doctor immediately to get further treatment of the diseases you.

Papaya leaf may only as an additional treatment are safe and natural for the prevention of cancer as well as free radicals.

Exterminator beverages Toxins in the Body

Consuming fresh vegetable and fruit juice is a natural way to detox your body processes. But it turned aside derived from food intake, toxins in our body it can also ter-detoxifying drink. There are at least 5 drinks which experts say is very good for the health of the body and Helpful as Drink antidote in our body.

Exterminator beverages Toxins in the Body

Here are 5 drinks to eradicate the poison in the body:

1. Water

Dr Poonam Rathod, health experts, say, water consumption on a regular basis according to the needs of the body to cleanse the digestive system, and eliminate toxins and remnants of food stuck in the intestines. It keeps the body and stomach clean of food waste.

2. Fresh Coconut Water

Fresh coconut water (especially the young coconut water) is proven to detoxify the body naturally. Besides cleaning the digestive tract. Drinking coconut water will boost immunity and helpful keep your body well hydrated.

3. Pumpkin juice

Pumpkin juice is an excellent natural remedy for those suffering from digestive problems and acidity. “This is because of its alkaline properties. Fiber in the bottle gourd juice also heal digestive problems, “says Dr Rathod.

4. Green Tea

Green tea is a natural antioxidant. It contains Polyphenols that help regulate glucose in the blood. “The Polyphenols inhibit the movement of glucose into fat cells, thus preventing them from entering the bloodstream,” says Dr Rathod.