5 Natural Hair Treatments Easy to Do at Home

Hair is part of the body that can grow naturally every day. Hair is getting more and more elongated, both in men and women. That’s for a certain time a person usually cuts his hair. In addition to cut, natural hair care is also highly recommended for beautiful hair again beautiful. This natural treatment can be done with ingredients easily available around us, without the use of branded materials sold in stores. This special treatment is done to overcome the hair problems that almost everyone experiences.

Hair problems that usually struck is hair loss, broken, branched hair, and dandruff. If you experience it, you need not worry, because you are not alone. There are hundreds and even thousands of people in the world who experience it. Although you and they both have hair problems, what differentiates between you and them is natural hair care. If you do natural treatments, side effects will not be your experience, but it is more healthy hair.

Natural Hair Treatments From Natural Materials

There are several ways to treat hair that is recommended to you, which of course from natural ingredients, easy to find in the environment, and the price is very affordable. You do not need to spend to go to the salon with expensive treatments, because this natural way can be done at home. But the natural way must also be regular and regular in order to obtain maximum results. These ways are:

  • Aloe Vera Meat

Who does not know the benefits of Aloe Vera as a natural hair care? The benefits of Aloe Vera meat can be done by making it a shampoo. Be careful if taking Aloe Vera meat because there is usually a thorn around the leaves. Natural hair care tips by taking the meat, then mashed into a smooth. Use this crocodile meat collision as a substitute for shampoo. Wet your hair first, then rub and massage gently with your hands. Let stand for 3-5 minutes, then rinse thoroughly with water. The benefit is to remove dandruff and smooth the hair to be easily arranged.

  • Egg Whites

Who would have thought an egg whites could be a natural hair care herb? The eggs we normally use for everyday meals have multiple functions, as foodstuffs and as a natural ingredient Moisturize Dry hair. Enough with egg whites only, by moistening your hair, then apply and massage gently hair and scalp. Let stand for 15-20 minutes, then you rinse with water until clean. You need to know that egg whites become ingredients used to make shampoos that we usually know in stores.

  • Olive oil and honey

Still with natural hair care is with olive oil combined with honey. Both of these materials can make hair stronger, smoother, and brilliant. How to mix olive oil and honey until blended. Apply a mixture of both ingredients to the hair and scalp. Do a light massage with your hands. Create your home like a hair care salon. After that, let stand for 15-20 minutes to be able to perform their duties well. After that, you just rinsed with water until clean.

  • Thick coconut milk

This time natural hair care using more kitchen materials, namely thick coconut milk. Coconut Milk is not used as a substitute for shampoo because it applied before you wash. Prepare a thick coconut milk to taste, about 50 ml. Apply on the scalp and hair until evenly distributed. Prepare a towel and dip in warm water, wring out a towel. Wrap the warm towel on your hair like you do a cream bath. Let stand for 40-60 minutes, then sponge with warm water. Finally, shampoo as usual with a shampoo that matches your hair.

  • Avocado

Hair treatment with the next natural ingredients is with avocado fruit. This fruit has a delicious meat, either eaten directly or made juice. Well, this time avocado can be used as a mask to overcome hair loss. Mash the avocado flesh or you can blend it until smooth. How to treat natural hair with this avocado is to be evenly distributed throughout the hair and scalp. Light and light head massage, then let stand for 20 minutes. After that, rinse hair with clean water.

Well, that’s just a few ways natural hair care done with natural ingredients as well. In addition to using these materials as a mask or for cream bath , you also need to pay attention to outside treatments, such as reduce using a hair dryer. Use only moments of sudden, such as when you must hurry to leave. You can get around by shampooing in the afternoon, so you have enough time to dry your hair without using a hair dryer. If shampooing the morning, then the time will be narrow for your school or work.

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