Sudden Toothache? Soon Search Lemon Only!

OUCH, toothache sudden definitely really good baseball, especially in the office. So baseball can concentrate and focus, eventually abandoned work.

Therefore, you need a quick solution to alleviate a toothache in the office. Not necessarily always buy painkillers gear in the shop, because there may be a bad long-term impact.

Natural remedies to relieve a toothache in the office came from fruits. It feels a bit sour, yellow, lemon yups! These brightly colored fruits can be a mainstay when the toothache comes uninvited.

In fact, you can get the other benefits of lemon. The following benefits more lemon quoted from page Boldsky:

Treating Toothache

Apply some lemon juice on the painful tooth can temporarily relieve tooth pain whatsoever. So, when a sudden toothache, seek lemon.

Teeth Cleaning

Chew a piece of lemon to defeat the bacteria in the oral cavity. In addition, chewing a piece of lemon also prevents many health problems.


Lemon is known to be a powerful antibacterial agent. Therefore, a good lemon to help overcome some skin problems.

Adjusting the pH levels

Although lemons are acidic in flavor, this fruit is naturally alkaline. Therefore, the lemon will help regulate your pH levels.

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