Benefits of Papaya Leaf Way For Our Health

You must already be familiar with papaya. Arguably, papaya is a tropical plant that grows in Indonesia. You can find papaya plants everywhere.

Papaya is a fruit and plants are versatile and can be eaten either cooked or raw. In addition, the plant is pulled, not only the fruit that can be eaten, but the leaves and roots can you consume.

During this papaya, good fruit, testicles and leaves may only be used as a food ingredient, whereas papaya also has many benefits as a drug to ward off several diseases.

Well, here are other benefits of papaya leaves is believed to cure some diseases. Among them:

1. Cancer

The disease is a serious threat and very scary today. People with cancer growing in the world, including in Indonesia. Data WHO says cancer patients increases every year 6.25 million people. Furthermore, an estimated 9 million people will die of cancer within the next 10 years.

To avoid the danger of cancer, start a healthy lifestyle and eat vegetables, especially papaya. Because the leaves of papaya are made into tea drinks proved to be very effective for the prevention and treatment of cancer.

A study published in the February 2010 issue of the Journal of Ethnopharmacology say that papaya leaf tea can reduce inflammation and can activate the immune system against cancer cells, inhibits the growth of tumor cells, as well as modulate the anti-tumor effect.

Besides being able to prevent cancer, papaya leaf tea can prevent a variety of diseases including allergies.

2. Ulcer

The disease is arguably the typical diseases of modern man. Imagine, a solid rushing and irregular eating patterns, making us more susceptible to ulcers.

Thus, to prevent the invasion of ulcers, multiply the consumption of papaya leaves. Bitter leaf is according to a study published West Indian Medical Journal in September 2008, can reduce the severity of ulcers (peptic ulcers) and antioxidant effects.

Papaya leaf extract can lower the lipids being oxidized and increasing antioxidants in red blood cells.

3. Digestion

Constipation or constipation? Eat papaya. The enzyme papain found in papaya leaves can help aid digestion and treat indigestion.

Not only that, papaya leaf tea can reduce abdominal pain which causes discomfort and appetite enhancer.

4. Antioxidants

Free radicals, like smoke from a motor vehicle exhaust, dust, and so are the enemies of a healthy body and skin beauty. But still, you can combat that with papaya leaves.

A study showed that papaya leaves can reduce hydrogen peroxide which is a sign of oxidative damage.

In the study of Asian Pacific Journal of Tropical Biomedicine in June 2012 said that papaya leaf tea contains ascorbic acid which is one of the antioxidants.

Antioxidants are allegedly can counteract free radicals that can cause damage to the person’s body.

However, in addition to the benefits, there are also negative effects of papaya leaves. You need to know, for some people, papaya leaves can cause allergic reactions. So, if there are signs of allergy after eating papaya leaves, then discontinue use

In addition, if you are suffering from cancer or other serious illnesses, it is better to consult a doctor immediately to get further treatment of the diseases you.

Papaya leaf may only as an additional treatment are safe and natural for the prevention of cancer as well as free radicals.

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