The Most Amazing Brain Malfunction

Nothing can be taken for granted in addition to sanity. It ‘crazy’ could have occurred because of a malfunction of the brain. You may not recognize those around him or inanimate seemed chimed.

The Most Amazing Brain Malfunction

After pave, it turns out there is a mental disorder that can disrupt the perception of reality in unimaginable ways while often let your mind remain untouched. The following abnormalities that will surprise you.

Syndrome Fregoli

Imagine you are arguing with roommates that sucks about the rent unpaid. To release the pressure, but when you call a girlfriend calls you hear your girlfriend’s roommate call ‘dear’. When out of the room, roommate you scoff from the neighbor’s yard.

Because of anger, went to a local bar for a drink and poured it turns out that your roommate. At 10 minutes later, you find yourself caught annoying roommate.

Condition, syndrome Fregoli make everyone you meet that day to be the same. This disorder appears in different severity levels. Sometimes, people do not know exactly who was watching him, but everyone seemed familiar.

It feels like waking up in a city filled with high school friend who rarely talk to. People with this syndrome will toward everyone and asked where they first met. In addition, if the syndrome is another disorder combined, the results can be surprising.

For example, women diagnosed with schizophrenia and erotomania, beliefs people loved him when instead. This woman will be sure, actor Leonardo DiCaprio in love with him and communicate with him telepathically and always in disguise to see him every day.

Misidentification themselves in the mirror

You woke up in the middle of the night and go to the bathroom. When not see the glass, you find the shadow of other people in it.

Condition, people with this disorder have damaged part of the brain responsible to understand the workings of reflection. So, when they saw the glass, the brain says you’re looking at a stranger through the window. This disorder occurring most commonly in Alzheimer’s patients. In fact, these people will try to talk with reflection.

Visual Agnosia

When going to the grocery store, you realize there is nothing strange. All products can scream and fight to be included when the shopping cart. Worse, when at the cashier, ask your potted plants will pay cash or not.

Condition, Visual agnosia is caused dysfunction of some visual processing areas of the brain. As a result, you can not correctly identify the goods. Fortunately, this is only a visual disorder. Patients still have the ability to identify objects using other senses.


While enjoying a coffee in the morning, your nose itch and suddenly someone scratched him. Then, this person to drink coffee there on you. You also begin to ask who this person when you live alone. Then you realize the other hand is doing all this.

Condition, this patient suffered brain damage at the homunculus or ‘body map’. This part of the brain that is cataloging all parts of the body and makes you know where all the parts of your body.

In some cases, the experience of having other people’s body parts is very pressing. In fact, people will try to cut off parts of the body. In 1997, a man came surgeon Robert Smith asked him to amputate his left leg.


Imagine you run accident and hospitalized . You know it’s okay, but doctors are always prescribing. When the doctor asks to move your feet and you feel it in motion, even the doctor says you can not walk anymore lifetime.

Condition, the disorder is a delusion suffered paralytic who was not paralyzed. According to the study, more than half of patients with hemiplegia (paralyzed from a stroke) suffer from this disorder. We’re not discussing people who are in denial became paralyzed.

Patients experiencing damage Parietal cortex, a brain area responsible for maintaining consciousness in perception, movement and sensation of the body. Patients with this disorder could not move his limbs but not because he can not because it did not want to.


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