4 Aspects of Human Health

1. Physical Health

Physical health is achieved if a person does not feel and complain of pain or the absence of complaints and indeed objectively does not look sick. All organs functioning normally or not impaired.

2. Mental health

Mental health or mental health includes three components, namely mind, emotional, and spiritual. Common sense is reflected in the way of thinking or way of thinking. Healthy emotional reflected a person’s ability to express emotions such as fear, joy, worry, sadness, and so on. Healthy spiritual reflected in the way of someone expressing gratitude, praise, trust and so on to something beyond this mortal realm. the Almighty God (Allah in the Islamic religion) For example: a healthy spiritual can be seen from a person’s religious practices. In other words. Healthy Spirituality is a state where a person to worship and all the rules of his religion.

3. Social Health

Social health materialize, if someone is able to relate to other people or other groups as well. Regardless of race, ethnicity, religion or belief, social status, economic, political, and so forth. as well as tolerance and mutual respect.

4. Health Economics

Healthy when viewed from the economic aspect visible when a person (adult) productive, in the sense of having activities that produce something that can contribute to his own life or his family financially. For those who are not yet adults (students or students) and the elderly (retired), by itself this restriction does not apply.

Therefore, for these groups, which are socially productive force, which has useful activities for their lives later on, for example, for students or student achievement, and social activities, religious, or other social services for the elderly.

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