Health is a common condition that is stable or in the coordinate system of the body and mind of man or other living creatures on the normal average. In connection with the health agencies often dubbed as the physical fitness that is, if the coordination of the organs of the human body or other living things in a state of stable or normal. While the spiritual health of a mental health or human beings who have the intellect and mind, if a person has a coordination of mind and a calm heart as well as comfortable at the time.

  •  of sound mind

Healthy body is a major component in the sense of totally healthy, shaped human figures who look clean skin, eyes glowing, hair neatly combed, dress neatly, muscular, not fat, breath odor, taste eating well, sleeping well, nimble as well as all the benefits of physiology normal road.

  • mentally healthy

    Mental healthy and physically healthy is always associated both in the old saying Men Sana In Corpore Sano means healthy soul in a healthy body there. Attributes someone beings who have mental health are as follows:

  • Always Feel Happy

Always feel happy with what is on he his, no time to regret and sorry for himself, always happy, enjoy and exciting and there’s no signal pins psychological conflict. Gets along well and can accept criticism and not easily offended and furious, always understanding and tolerance of other people’s emotions purposes.

  • Self control

    Able to control yourself and not easy emotion and not easily scared, jealousy, dislike and face as well as to finalize the issue by way of clever and wise.

  • Social welfare

Limitation of social welfare in each area or country difficult to measure and is totally dependent on the culture, the culture and the level of prosperity of the local population. In a more intrinsic meaning, namely social welfare life situations shaped secure feeling of peace and prosperity, adequate food, clothing and boards. In the life of a prosperous population, the population of regular life and to always respect the needs of others and the general population.

  • healthy Spiritual

Spiritual is a healthy component of additions to the definition by the WHO as well as having major significance in the daily lives of residents. Each individual takes formal or informal education, opportunities for leisure, hear the strains of the song as well as music, spiritual spray as well as other religious speech that lasted for a dynamic life balance is not monotonous. WHO is an organization in the field of health, who was born in 1948, finally emerged the definition of health as “a state of complete physical, mental and social well being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”.

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