5 Habits of Health Destroyer singer you do every Day

In carrying out daily activities, of course you have the habit. Whether it is good or bad. Sometimes without you knowing it, you often destructive habits health of the body operate slowly.

Any habit health destroyer that you do every day without you knowing?

Lack of drinking water

Water plays an important role in health. Water makes all the organs function properly. Water was also able to balance fluids in the body that helps to support the circulation, maintain digestive health, maintaining body temperature, and rejuvenate the skin and hair. That is why you are advised to drink water diligently every day.

Unfortunately, because of busy or you do not like the taste of drinking water is tasteless, you so rarely take a long time can damage the health of your body.


Using a smartphone all day

The use of smartphones can not be separated from everyday human life. Starting from waking up to going to bed, you can not be separated from the smartphone. This of course would be detrimental to the health of the body, damaging posture, to cause cancer due to radiation emitted by mobile phones




Snacking is fun. Moreover, if it feels good snack menu. But you must be careful with this habit because excessive snacking will make you obese


Sleep late

Sleep always keep the human body healthy. Unfortunately, due to solid activity you so ignore your bedtime. Various diseases began to arrive. So that you avoid the disease that might occur, you should begin to arrange your schedule so that you always sleep on time.


Sports only on weekends

Some people just do sports on weekends. It sounds tolerable than no exercise at all. But for those of you who work during the day, where you are so vulnerable to stress, therefore, always a time to exercise at least 2-3 times each week.

Those are some habits that can damage the health of the body slowly. You yourself feel often do one of them? Should immediately stop so that your body is always healthy

Healthy lifestyles

1. Try to get used enough sleep patterns. For adults would sleep for 6 to 8 hours is sufficient time to be able to rest well and healthy. Therefore, do not be lack of sleep because it can affect your concentration but also not too much sleep because it will interfere with your activities later period.

2. Try to keep thinking positive because doing so will reduce your stress level. do you know if you are experiencing stress your body will strive to follow your thought patterns. such as for example someone appetite grew when he stressed. Therefore, it is important for you to stay positive.

3. Perform regular exercise. Sports not only by visiting the fitness facilities or may be run in the morning. You can use a variety of sports that you want. For example, you can perform three times a week swimming or can also do stretching and slight movements that you can do at home. That way, at least you move the muscles of your body.

4. Keep your diet. By keeping the diet certainly be one good thing for you. not only make your body stay fit and trim, but keep your body dangerous disease caused by several foods that contain a lot of harmful substances and lead to obesity. Therefore, it is important to keep eating their 4 healthy 5 perfect.

5. Continue taking your multivitamin that fits your taste. of all the activities of the above, of course, you have to stay awake condition intake of vitamins. Therefore, apart from fruits and vegetables is important and it is also necessary for your body to be intake of vitamin derived from a multivitamin that has been provided by several companies vitamins.

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